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Frank has over 22 years experience in the Networking Industry. He is a great mentor, leader, speaker, Coach and trainer, who has spent thousands of hours teaching, coaching, training and developing leaders. He has conducted many webinars, conference calls, trainings, and live seminars nationwide. He is a Bottomline No Excuse Type Of Guy, who will tell you what you need to know not what you want to hear! Many consider Frank to be one of the dominate leaders in the Networking Industry.

Frank has a hands on approach that will teach you step by step how to succeed in Networking. His knowledge of the industry has helped many achieve success in a short period of time. He is absolutely committed 100% to helping you "Achieve Your Dreams and Goals". Failure is not an option, the only option is not to Fail. His refuse to loose attitude has helped many believe in themselves and overcome their fears and challenges. He has been very successful in building MLM Businesses Nationwide in a very short period of time. He is a great motivational speaker with great knowledge, passion, and insight with a tremendous love for this industry. His work ethics are untouchable and his compassion for people is UNREAL... He is a dedicated leader who loves to see people win no matter what shape size or color. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork is what he strongly believes in. His philosophy is simple "He Help You Make Money First Then He Get Paid Second". Frank learned a long time ago that network marketing is an unselfish business. The more you give the more you receive. His commitment to the team and burning desire to help you get ahead is unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen before! If you are looking to join a good leader with a REAL CHANCE to Succeed. I highly recommend a Great Mentor & Leader, Frank is the REAL DEAL... You can't go wrong his commitment to your success is just too Great!!! See why Frank Hanserd Now Turns to Crowdfunding...

Frank enjoys remote controlled gas powered race cars, fishing, basketball, baseball and working out. He is also a personal Trainer so he knows how to keep the body in shape as well as the MIND!!! See what Frank doing!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Home Based Business Opportunities

    Home Based Business Opportunitites Are you familiar with what's going on in America? Many Americans are facing job losses, loss of benefits, low wages, heath issues etc. Americans are taking back their power and starting to work from home. Now I know you may have heard bad things in the past about home based business like Scams, Pyramids, Cults, Rip-offs etc. But the fact is MORE and MORE people are getting involved in Network Marketing! Many are realizing that there is No such thing as Job Security in-fact the longer you have been on the job puts you at RISK! You are the first one on the Chopping Block. Why because companies don't want to pay you retirement they would rather replace baby boomers with college grads so they can divide up their salary for more Labor. It's not Fair but it is what it is, the Harsh REALITY is companies are forcing baby boomers out of the work force into early retirement. If the boomers refuse companies have been known to make the work place so Uncomfortable that they Quit or find a way to Fire them! This is No way to live your life especially when you have a family to provided for. Did you know that 80% of heart attacks take place on Monday mornings between the hours of 5am to 8am? The reason is pretty CLEAR Americans are over worked unpaid and STRESSED OUT!!! They hate going to work they hate their JOBS most even hate their Boss! Statistics show that Amercians are ready to leave the work force if it Makes SENSE! As a direct results many people have started their on Home Based Business. They realize they can make MORE MONEY working from home than working for SOMEBODY else. Think about it, how many single moms are working form home? How many dads are coming home from corporate America? How many people do you see driving around town advertising their business opportunity? How many magazine, books, cd's, informercials, tv's show, celebrities endorse home base businesses. In-Fact MAJOR Universities are now teaching Network Marketing! Network Marketing has been mis-understood for years. Now people are starting to realize that MLM is the best way to secure their future. Network Marketing is all around us you just need to open your eyes and embrace it. Let's look at some FACTS about Network Marketing. There are No caps on your income you can Earn as much as you want. You can set your own hours, No Bosses, No Babysitters, No High Overhead, Less Wear and Tear on your vehicles, Best tax advantages, Spend more Time with your Family, Oh did I mention you WORK from HOME! The key is for you to find the Right Home Business! Network Marketing is here to Stay. It's ok to be Skeptical but don't be Skeptical and Broke! Click Here for more info visit

Monday, June 24, 2013

It's Your Time To SHINE!!!

     Have you ever wondered if YOU could be successful in Network Marketing? That is the number one question people ask themselves everyday when it comes to starting a home base business. See many of us have tried several things invested lost of "TIME, MONEY and ENERGY" only to be let down or left behind by these fly by night companies or these so called LEADERS! I know how you FEEL I felt the same way. You have to do your due diligence when looking to join MLM but most IMPORTANT you have to choose your company and leader WISELY! Many people have been burnt in Network Marketing because they FAIL to do these simple little things. When you are looking to join a MLM company check the INTEGRITY of the company. Find out who is the Ceo & Founder are they credible? Do they have a track record are they well respected? Ask the representatives what they think about the Ceo? Ask them why they feel that way about the Ceo? Next look for a leader in that company that has a proven Track Record. I mean someone who REALLY cares about your Success! Google them check out testimonials about them find out as much info about them as you can. Next you want to call them up and pic their minds. Are they a team player are they knowledgeable about Network Marketing? When you ask them questions about the company products and services are they patient with you or are they trying to Rush you off the phone? Are they asking you what can they help you accomplish or are they talking about themselves for 15-20 mins? See these are the "Tell-Tell" signs of what you will be getting if you join them. I can't EXPRESS the importance of choosing your leader WISELY! If you choose the Wrong leader its your FAULT so don't blame the Industry BLAME YOURSELF!!! I have given you the inside SECRET FORMULA how to choose a Great Leader. Now its up to you to take action don't settle for less Remember its your MONEY, so invest it WISELY...

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Friday, February 1, 2013

What Can You Do Today To Better Your Tomorrow?

     What do you do today to better your tomorrow? Think about that question for a second because most people don't. That's why 97% of people will be Broke, Dead, or Dependent on somebody else to take care of them by age 65... Only 3% Majority business owners will be Financially Free! If you don't do something about it you are going to be another statistic! You are the most important person in your business, it takes you to do it first before others join you second. You have to commit to your business and stop treating it like a hobby. You have to invest in your business stop penny pinching. "If you focus on Pennies you will never make Dollars." See the reason 97% of people Fail in Network Marketing is because they don't COMMIT! Number 1 you have to be Teachable and Coachable follow the system your company has in place for you. It's not OPTIONAL or get around to it when you feel like it... COMMIT NOW NO EXCUSES, participate in your own Success. Your excuses should Motivate you to move forward not hold you back... The most important Ingredient in Network Marketing is MENTORSHIP!!! If you don't have it you will "FAIL" no matter how good your company or Products & Services are... Mentorship is absolutely Necessary for the growth and development of your business!!! You NEED Mentorship Period, So if you want to better your tomorrow? You better start TODAY!!! I believe in you do you believe in yourself? You deserve to have it all, Take Action Commit To Your Business, Thanks God Bless:-)

Frank Hanserd, Jr
Mentor & Leader
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Good Leadership Makes A Big Difference In Network Marketing...

     You are the most important person in your business. It takes dedication, determination, a strong work ethic, 100% commitment and a burning desire to succeed. You can do anything you put your mind too. Focus on what you want not what you don't have. Surround yourself with positive people who share your vision. Be careful separate yourself from Negative people!!! If your friends don't won't to see you do better "Get Some New Friends" misery loves company. Success is a choice not a payoff, it's going through the process that will get you the payoff. Good leadership make a big difference in Network Marketing so choose your leader wisely... I have seen a lot of good people join forces with the wrong company and the wrong people. Make sure you do your due diligence and join a company that has vision, leadership, a proven track record, good public relations, and a good compensation plan that pays you the lion share. Seek out a good leader with great people skills somebody with experience. If you join a rookie in Network Marketing your chances of being successful are very slim. Experience makes the difference in Network Marketing join forces with a great leader. Don't settle for less invests your money wisely. Remember you get what you pay for look for leadership and your chances of being successful will be much greater, God Bless:-)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Money, Time & You...

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